Ann Esters Stevenson has a heart of gold & genuinely cares about people. Her professionalism, gifts, care, passion & love for her business but most of all the person she is speaks volumes & her preparation & timeliness is quite remarkable. To know her as an individual on a personal then professional level is by far intriguing. Thank You Ann for walking me through all in preparing and updating my resume as well as coaching me on the overall interview questions & process. I am now prepared & confident in meeting any individual I meet for a job opportunity. YOU ARE THE BEST!!
B. Loggins

Ann has been a key component of my life in multiple areas. I consult with her in relation to overcoming adversity and any other workplace situations where I want to make the best decision and handle the situation in the most professional manner. I am still growing and learning and am very fortunate to have a mentor such as Ann because it has not only allowed me to grow but has also provided the confidence I need to be the best employee, mentor, and manager, coworker I can be. She continues to raise the bar for what I strive to be by simply leading by example and being a walking billboard that you can achieve anything you put your mind to do.
J. Jones